dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Beauty faves 2012

Hey girls,

Let me start by wishing you all a very happy new year ! I wish you all lots of good things :)

On to the post. I know it's been everywhere in the blogging and youtube world lately, but I too would like to share with you my favourite and most used products of 2012. I think it's always interesting to see what everyone likes, which products seem to work for some people and not so much for others, as well as products that everyone loves !

Johnson's cleansing wipes:I use these wipes every day to remove my makeup, nefore I wash my face. I like that they don't get my skin all red and irritated and it removes all my makeup without much of an effort ! I also like the fact that they usually are on offer in my local Superdrug.

Simple night cream: It's the second time I purchase this product, and I would not have it any other way ! I apply the cream every night before bed and my skin is at it's smoothest when I wake up. Plus it's not very expensive and last a very long time.

MAC Asll That Glitters: I wear this colour pretty much every day. Especially when I go to work and don't have much time to put on my makeup in the morning. It's a very settled, yet shinny and classy colour which can be used for as an every day soft look or in more glamorous evening looks.

Maybelline Color Tattoo (35 On and on Bronze): Very smooth and decently pigmented, I use this as a base to most of my warm toned looks. I don't always apply an eye shadow base before this but it does seem to hold my makeup in place for a while !

Argan Oil: A simple must have for anyone with hair as ruined as mine. After years in hairdressing spent on bleaching, colouring, bleaching, colouring again my hair in any colour possible, and not growing it back, I definitely need some deep treatment to keep it healthy. This product is a miracle ! I use about three pumps of it in the lenght of my hair when it's damp and it give it an amazing glossy look and smoothes my dead tips. I recommand to use only a tiny bit for people who don't hait dry hair like me, and only to the ends or it will make it super greasy !

John Frieda 3 Day Straight Styling Spray: An other must have for those ladies with curly hair like mine. I spray it on my damp hair before brushing it through then when it comes to the drying/straightening process, it get ridiculusly easy ! And the best thing about it is that it keeps my hair straight-ish for a couple of days. If it doesn't rain that is !

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold: This peachy-gold colour is fantastic and I used it a lot earlier last year. With a lighter hand for day time but full-on peach "in your face" when going out ! Looks brilliant in the sun without being too shimmery.

MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle: I purchased this a bit later, let's say around August last year and it's been my go-to blush ever since. It's got a very fine and flattering shimmer to it and as much as it might look a bit dark in the pan, looks stunning when applied. This kind of darker pink tone is what I like to wear more during fall and winter.

Soap and Glory Hand Cleansing Gel: Antibacterial hand gel is vital when working on a makeup set and touching people's face. S I always make sure my hand are clean and bacteria free. I particularly like this gel because instead of smelling like detergent, the scent is really good and it's a lot more confortable for the people I work with whenever my hands are near their face. They usually ask me what I use for being so clean whilst smelling so good ! Haha.

The Beauty Parlour Face Scrub: I've used this product for a while now (I'm finally getting to the end of it!) and I am completely satisfied with it. I use it once or twice a week and it gets rid of all my dead skins without being to harsh. I will probably try other products once I finish this bottle (curious beauty blogger habbit!)  but will go back to it if I don't find anything I like.

Collection 2000 Concealer: After all the fuss about this product I thought I had to try it ! And I love it ! I'm running low on my second tube now and all the writtings have dissapeared off the packaging but that just shows how much I used it ! it matches my skin tone and covers my dark circles ! What else could we ask for !?!

Benefit They're Real Mascara: An other product people have been raving about and that has worked for me too. I recieved the small version when I purchased the full sized one and started to use that one first. Just to try it out I suppose ! Now I'm getting closer and closer of the end and I'm happy I've got a big one still waiting in my drawer. This give my naturally long lashes even more lenght and definition ! I get asked a lot if I wear falsies and always tell people to go buy it whenever I get the chance to.

Inglot Gel Eye Liner in Black (N°77): This is by far the best eye liner I've ever used. It's smooth, applies super easily and stays on until you wipe it off. It is incredibly pigmented, reminds me a lot of the perversion liner from Urban Decay because it's pure black. This is my favourite liner to use on myself and on models aswell.

Revlon Eye liner/smudge Brush: This tool is what I apply my Inglot liner with. The bristles are amazing for details and creating a bold, clean line. I use the smudge side whenever I use pencil liner instead of gel. It works perfect to smoke out a harsh line.

Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 Palettes: Last but not least, the palettes everyone should own. I don't think I like one more than the other, their are colours in each of them that I really like and I usually use both palettes to create one look. These are the first things I reach for when I have to pack a travel makeup bag and don't wanna bother with a ton of different eye shadows. They are practical, the colours are great and good quality, and they come with a brush (which I'm not really fond of but still).

Here you have it ! My most used and favourite products of last year. I hope this was interesting and I can wait to see what this year is gonne bring ! I'm not one waiting for the 1st of january and make a list of resolutions but I want to try and use up more of the products that I own instead of buying new ones. I've got a whole lot of neglected products that I loved that some point and I plan on falling in love with them again ! If I don't, maybe someone else will and it'll male space in my drawers :)

xxx Vee

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  1. Yay! I loved this post Vee <3 I'm so glad to see you blogging more often, since your blog is so awesome! And thank you for all of the sweet comments and tweets! I totally agree about All That Glitters & the Color Tattoo, they are both fabulous!

    Great post cupcake <3

    xo aly

  2. Hey Vee! Yes! Thanks for informing me on Instagram and on Twitter when the post was up. I really appreciate that. I feel really priviledged to get to communicate and keep in touch with you even outside the blogosphere, like on Instagram. Happy New year to you too! I hope you excel in becoming a top brilliant professional makeup artist this year because I know you're already one :) You're so talented in makeup!

    These are some awesome favorites. I'd like to try Argan oil on my hair too because my hair can get really dry and frizzy. I'm going to look out for some of the items you mentioned in this post to try out this year ;) Thanks for your recommendations! :D I haven't got enough time to write a proper blogpost lately, with school starting and all. But I hope I can put up a post asap, maybe later this week? :) I hope you have a wonderful month of January, Vee!

    Lizzy :)

  3. Awesome faves! I loooove the Color Tattoos~
    Is it totally crazy that I don't own the Naked palette? ;D

  4. Agree with the Argan oil - I love mine!

    Talitha xx

  5. Love so many of these! What great taste we both have heheh ;) Definitely need to get my hands on the naked 2 palette though, I'm missing out on so much!


  6. That Sleek blush reminds me of mark Good Glowing Powder Blush in After Glow - I love the healthy glow it instantly provides!

  7. Love your blog, it's so cute!! I'm a new follower. Feel free to follow back!




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