mercredi 26 décembre 2012

My work

Hey girls,

I'm gonna put on some pictures of some of the shoots/shows I've been working on since I graduated :) It was a whole lot of fun doing it and hopefully there will be a lot more to come !

I'll start with the photoshoot we had at the end of my two weeks at school. We had to team up with a hair stylist student and come up with a natural look and a strong look.

We started with the strong look on the beautiful Anjana !

And here's the natural look. I was very lucky to work with the great Handersen as a hair student, we got allong very well and ended up with a result I'm very pleased with !

Last Sunday I worked with photographer Steve Nyman on a shoot with the lovely Sarah and here's what we came up with ...

I also workeda couple of times on shows for the designers Hemyca with a bunch of other super talented makeup artists/ hairstylists s here's a peek at the model's looks and what it looks like behind the scene of a catwalk !

Our makeup stations, not always the most practical set up but improvising is part of the fun !!!

Metalic silver eye shadow and black liner with a messy bun on top of it all ! Little peek at the look before the ladies got changed =)

Behind the scene at Fashion Week, getting ready for touch-ups right before the catwalk starts ! The most exciting and fun moment of it all !

Last minute fittings at Marylebone Village Fashion Event !

The look of the day, sorry for the blurred picture but it's taken with my phone and it's a lot harder to get decent pictures at fashion show than shoots !

Anyway I hope you liked it ! If you wanna see more of the works I've done, don't hesitate visit my Facebook Page !

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I hope you're having the best time with your loved ones !

xxx Vee

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  1. These are amazing Vee! I really love the first one, with the dramatic blue! Goooooorgeous! xx

  2. Hey Vee!

    Wow! Being a makeup artist is so cool and exciting! You get to work with beautiful models and come up with different looks for different occasion and themes. That sounds so exciting! Thanks for taking pictures of how the behind of the scenes of a fashion show looks like. There's so much makeup to work with, looks so fun! :D


  3. Wow this looks like so much fun :D
    You did a great job~! everyone looks so pretty! I love the first photo with the blue streak! It looks totally badass!


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